Our driver is Cole Ciraulo.  Cole has been doing motorsport since he was 10 years old.  Started with indoor Go-Karting but quickly switched to outdoor karts.  Cole was immediately consumed with the speed and handling of the karts.  He participated and developed his skills with various engine and kart classes for the next four years.  He has competed in local and national races with Rotax and SKUSA.

Starting off getting your competition licenses is a lot of work. Doing it at 14 is another story.  It takes a lot of dedication, concentration and great coaching.  Fortunately our driver and coach have all of these qualities.

Our first task at hand was learning how to drive a manual transmission.  That was done over a weekend using relative’s cars on local streets and parking lots.  Next came an even daunting task passing HPDE 1-4 testing (High Performance Driving Education).  Cole spent 3 months of travel from Phoenix to Sacramento doing testing at Sonoma and Thunderhill tracks.  Requirements for minors is 10 times more critical than adults.  But he competed each test and received his provisional license.

Next up, testing for his Competition license.  The passing requirement for this is to participate and complete four races without any incident or tire off the track.  Easily said than done when you have 35 cars on the track.  It took him 5 races but finally received his official Competition license.

During one regional race in Northern California he had the opportunity to watch a NASA Spec Miata race at Sonoma Raceway.  After the race he met with several drivers and got to sit in one of their cars.  As you can see in the picture below that is all it took.  The next season we sold all our karting gear and dove head first into Spec Miata racing.

Cole’s first official race just happened to be on a rainy weekend in Sonoma.  Track conditions were very slick with off and on down pours.  To everyone’s surprise Cole qualified sixth in a field of 32 and started on row 3.  He held his position during the 30 min race and ended up finishing in the Top 10.